Lakewood Residents Stricken By COVID-19, Dr. Robert Shanik Sounds Alarm to Stay Home

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Dr. Robert Shanik, the well-known Lakewood pediatrician, released an audio with an urgent warning to all Lakewood residence to stay at home and avoid social interactions. His announcement was made in response to the rapid spread taking place in the community, including a 40 year old man with no pre-existing conditions who is currently in critical condition.

Dr. Shanik warned that under no conditions should children play with children from another family or play in a public place, and stated that public playground equipment poses a risk to the children. He stated that no one should leave their homes except for essential needs, like to purchase food or medicine, and when that is necessary only one person in the family should go to the store. Any non-essential shopping, such as clothing and shoes, must be done exclusively online or by phone.

Dr. Shanik ended his message by stating that strict adherence to the guidelines should bring about a sooner end to the outbreak.

A talmid of Bais Medrash Govoha tested positive for COVID-19, and other talmidim who learned in his beis medrash received phone calls informing them of the development.