Kosher Meat and Poultry Suppliers Say There is No Shortage

(Avraham Elbaz)

Despite a sense of panic that apparently has gripped the Jewish communities in New York that there may be a shortage of meat and poultry, suppliers of kosher meat and poultry have released statements to reassure the Jewish consumers that there is an ample supply of Kosher L’Pesach meat and poultry for the upcoming weeks and for Yom Tov.

Yaakov Stefansky of Alle Processing and Meal Mart said that they have plenty of meat and chicken, and all are Kosher L’Pesach at this time. He added that there is no reason to be panicking or hoarding products at this time.

Chaim Oberlander from KJ Poultry told Hamodia that their plant is running at full capacity, and they have more than a sufficient stock of chicken for the foreseeable future. “Our plant is sanitized, and we are fully in conformance with the USDA guidelines. No one from the outside is allowed in the plant, so everything is safe for consumption. In addition, there is nothing to impede the delivery of food our products to the stores.

“I would advise everyone to be calm and not to stockpile for the future. If we just take this to heart, we can reduce the stress level and look forward to a joyous Pesach.”