NYC Yeshivah Closings Update

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closing of all public schools until at least April 20. Private schools may remain open. Following is a partial list of yeshivos that have announced whether they will be open or closed.
If your yeshiva is not on the list below, please email to be added.

All yeshivos in Far Rockaway (and Nassau County) are closed.

Ateret Torah Girls – all divisions closed.

Ateret Torah Boys – all divisions open except preschool.

Bais Bracha Elementary and High School will be closed.

Bais Yaakov of 18th Avenue will be closed.

Beth Jacob of Boro Park both elementary and high school will be closed.

Yeshiva of Brooklyn: boys are open, girls are closed.

BYA will be closed.


Bobov: All elementary schools and yeshiva ketanos are closed Mesivta, Yeshiva gedolah and Kollel will have learning with full social-distancing of 6 feet. The shul and mikvah is banning anyone over the age of 60.

Bobov 45: All yeshivos, boys and girls, will be open.

Chaim Berlin: The elementary, beis medrash and kollel are open. The high school is closed, due to a possible exposure.

The Cheder
will be open.

Emunas Bais Yaakov High School is open.

Lev Bais Yaakov will be closed.

Mesilas Bais Yaakov will be closed starting Tuesday.

Novominsk Yeshiva is closed until after Pesach.

Ohel Yochanan and Bais Shifra of Rachmanstrivka will be open.

Karlin Stolin will be closing Kindergarten through 8th Grade until further notice.

Tiferes Mordechai Kalish will be open.

Tomer Devorah and all Skverer mosdos are open.

Torah Temimah both elementary and high school are closed.

Torah Vodaas: elementary school is closed; the high school is being dismissed at 1 p.m. Monday; further schedule is unknown

Toras Emes previously announced it would be closed due to a suspected case of coronavirus in a faculty member.


Satmar-UTA will be open.

Satmar-UTA Central will be open.