Letter From Beth Jacob of Boro Park Elementary School

Beth Jacob of Boro Park
Beth Jacob of Boro Park elementary school. (Google Maps)

Dear Parents,

The safety and well-being of our staff and students drives every decision in our school.

Therefore, under no circumstances should a child be sent to school if she doesn’t feel well, or if she has any of the following symptoms: fever, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, respiratory distress. If your child doesn’t feel well, please call your pediatrician as soon as possible before taking her to the office or urgent care. Your doctor will let you know what practice is best at that particular time.

Teachers and parents – if you have any of the above symptoms, under no circumstance should you enter the school premises.

We remain increasingly vigilant regarding all aspects of coronavirus and are following up to the minute guidance from health professionals.

Due to the precarious nature of the situation, things can change at any time. If there are any updates, we will communicate them as soon as possible. Please keep our school hotline number handy in case of emergency: 212-776-0029.

Over Purim, the school building was completely disinfected. Hand sanitizer and soap dispensers were newly installed in each hallway; students know to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds (as long as it takes to sing ‘happy birthday’ twice). In addition, the cleaning crew will wipe down daily: door knobs in classrooms and hallways, walls, sinks in bathrooms and hallways, stairwell rails, garbage can covers, bathrooms, door posts, elevator buttons. They will restock all soap and hand sanitizer dispensers daily. Lysol wipes have been distributed to every classroom and office – teachers will be using them indiscriminately throughout the day (things that are used often in the classroom, mezuzos). All teachers will wear gloves when serving food.

All washing cups have been removed. For יצר אשר, students will wash their hands without a cup (this is okay בדיעבד). When washing for המוציא, each student will use a plastic cup (available in preschool classrooms and at the sinks in the lunchrooms) and throw it out immediately after use. Students have also been instructed not to touch the mezuzos/door posts directly.

Please send a water bottle with your daughter if necessary, as we have shut off all water fountains.

We will continue to practice good hygiene at school and encourage you to do so at home.

שומר פתאים ה׳  – May Hashem keep us all safe.


Rabbi Menachem Frank