Rx For Prevention & Treatment of COVID-19

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Seventh Rikiya –  Shaarei Shamayim

x For Prevention & Treatment of COVID-19

1) Wash hands carefully for 20 seconds & say at least 2 chapters of Tehillim* every 2 hours.

2) Stay home if sick & give tzedakah (online or by mail) even if it hurts.

3) Cover your coughs and sneezes, avoid touching your face, & do an extra chessed with a smile.

4) Avoid crowds, if at high risk. From the privacy of your home, tell Me about one thing that you regret having done in the past and sincerely intend to do better in the future.**

5) Call Me in the morning (i.e., daven Shacharis)

6) Above all , do not panic, because no matter what happens, I am still running the world.

*More is better. Completely safe remedy, with no risk of overdose

**This is called Refuah!