Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok Hosts Melaveh Malkah

Generations learning together at the Grandfather, Father and Son melaveh malkah.

The excitement for learning, aliyah and connection to family and friends continued to grow at Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok/Torah Institute of Baltimore with their second annual Grandfather, Father and Son Melaveh Malkah, held on Feb. 15, Motzoei Shabbos Parashas Yisro. YKY/TI’s fifth- and sixth-graders enjoyed a special learning seder with their fathers and grandfathers, followed by a melaveh malkah with live music and a special game.
The event, which was held at Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion, started with energetic learning as the talmidim, fathers and grandfathers filled the main shul to capacity. The crowd then moved into the social hall for a melaveh malkah coordinated by Details by Dena and catered by the Knish Shop. As they entered the social hall, participants were met by a slideshow of photos of the boys through the years, setting a mood of nachas and nostalgia.
Dr. Elie Portnoy, event coordinator, opened the seudah with remarks that highlighted the boys’ commitment to limud haTorah and mentchlichkeit. As he rattled off statistics about the amount of Mishnayos and blatt Gemara they have covered over their tenure in TI, he encouraged the boys to reflect on their accomplishments as growing bnei Torah. Rabbi Shimon Hirsch, Menahel, shared divrei brachah and thanked the entire crowd for helping to create a flourishing cheder.
After a heartwarming video presentation, Dr. Dani Sova led the attendees in a trivia game featuring a broad range of intriguing questions and brainteasers, which generated friendly yet spirited competition. Tasks such as matching various community shuls to their addresses, figuring out how to get checkmate in one move on a chessboard, and guessing the high schools their Rebbeim attended had the boys and some fathers scrambling around the room looking for answers. Each table tallied their correct answers to earn extra tickets for a raffle.

Drawing raffle prizes at the Grandfather, Father and Son melaveh malkah.

The raffle drawing was held before bentching. Dr. Dovid Daniel captivated the boys as he drew the winning tickets for numerous prizes, including sleds, a Shabbos lamp, gift certificates and sets of sefarim.
Days after the event, the boys in school were talking about how much they enjoyed the evening. The melaveh malkah was another demonstration of the beautiful partnership between the cheder and the parent body and their shared devotion for the continued success of their children.