Councilmembers Deutsch and Louis Help Resolve MTA Ticket Glitch

East side of Nostrand Avenue between Ave I and Avenue H in Brooklyn. (googlemaps)

A glitch in the MTA’s bus-mounted camera enforcement system resulted in hundreds of erroneous violations issued to motorists for parking in the B44 bus lane on Nostrand Avenue at Avenue I.

Parking is prohibited in the bus lane during operational hours, with fines beginning at $50 for the first offence and raised for each repeating offense within a 12 month period. Beginning December 30, 2019, bus-mounted camera enforcement took effect on the B44 SBS.

The section of the bus lane located on the east side of Nostrand Avenue, from Avenue I to Avenue H, is curbside, and therefore is only active during morning and evening rush hours, from 7:00am to 10:00am, and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Parking is permitted during the lane’s inactive hours.

Numerous motorists were issued violations during inactive hours, which were set to cost innocent car owners hundreds of dollars in penalties.

Councilmembers Chaim Deutsch and Farah Louis were alerted to the matter by local residents and business owners. The Councilmembers contacted the MTA to make them aware of the error, and the MTA quickly acknowledged the error. They agreed to dismiss the incorrect violations and expunge them from the drivers’ records.

“We are so grateful to Councilmembers Deutsch and Louis for quickly resolving the problem for us,” said Abe, a local business owner who was affected by the ticket snafu. “Between myself and my employees, we were facing hundreds of dollars in fines that we didn’t deserve. Within days of contacting Deutsch and Louis, our unfair violations were dismissed.”

“Even a small fine can be a huge burden on New Yorkers. The cost of living in our city is overwhelming for so many, and every dollar counts,” said Councilman Deutsch. “That’s why I appreciate the MTA’s immediate response when we brought the error to their attention.”

“Through the expansion of bus-mounted camera enforcement, the flow of traffic has steadily improved, but it should have never been at the expense of motorists,” Councilman Louis said. “I want to thank the MTA for their assistance with fixing the glitch and dismissing the erroneously issued violations.”

The MTA has already begun to issue dismissal letters. Car owners who think they may have been erroneously issued a summons because of this glitch should contact the district office of Councilman Chaim Deutsch at 718-368-9176.

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