Atlanta Community Hosts Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Rabbi Pinchos Winston addressing students at Torah Day School of Atlanta.

On a recent Shabbos, Ner Hamizrach and Beth Jacob of Atlanta hosted Rabbi Pinchos Winston, a resident of Telz-Stone, for a special scholar-in-residence program. The Shabbos was sponsored by Mrs. Gail Ripans in memory of her sister, Mrs. Eilene Cummins, Esther Avigayil bas Yaakov; her husband, Avraham ben Shia; her niece, Yulishka Shlomit bas Tzvi Shlomo; and her parents, Yaakov ben Avraham and Chaya Rivka bas Shalom.

Throughout the weekend, Rabbi Winston delivered several penetrating and thought-provoking addresses. On Thursday evening, he spoke on “Geulah B’Rachamim: Redemption with Compassion” at Kollel Ner Hamizrach. On Friday, he spoke at Torah Day School of Atlanta, and at a Lunch ‘n’ Learn program at the Atlanta Scholars’ Kollel on “Pesach and Personal Fulfillment.”

On Shabbos morning, Rabbi Winston gave a post-kiddush talk on “Shovavim to Shalom: A Time for Building Shalom Bayis.” During a Shabbos lunch for “prime-timers,” Rabbi Winston addressed “Raising Children, Phase 2 – Not What You Think It Is.” Later in the afternoon, he delivered a drashah to women on “How Far Can You Trust in Hashem?” and one to men on “Day Six, Tenth Hour … Again.”

The Shabbos was a tremendous success and all were very inspired by Rabbi Winston’s uplifting drashos.

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