Bad Vibe Forces Leviathan Gas Cutback

The Leviathan natural gas processing rig as seen from Dor Habonim Beach Nature Reserve, on Israel’s northern coast. (Flash90)

A vibration detected in the Leviathan offshore natural gas pipeline has necessitated a reduction of about 40 percent of total output until the issue is resolved, The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

The vibration, which indicates a fault in a section of the pipeline near the reservoir production wells— also known as jumpers—prompted the Energy Ministry to order a limit on production pending required tests to assure safe operation of the massive rig.

In a statement, the ministry emphasized that no leakage had been discovered, nor any damage to the platform or other equipment.

There is no connection, the ministry said, between the fault and a malfunction that was identified on Tuesday morning, when a power outage and fault halted operations for several hours.

The fault required all natural gas to be emptied from the platform, burning it off via the platform’s flare boom to prevent the emission of gas into the air, the Post said.

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