PA Policeman Opens Fire on IDF Soldier During House Demolition Riot

Palestinians walk among the rubble of the demolished house in Jenin, Thursday. (Nasser Ishtayeh/FLASH90)

Arabs rioted overnight Wednesday, and a Palestinian Authority police officer opened fire on IDF soldiers as they attempted to bulldoze the house of a terrorist in Jenin. The house was that of terrorist Ahmad Jarar, the murderer of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, Hy”d, in January 2018. It was the second time the army was demolishing the structure; after the first demolition, the terrorist’s family rebuilt it.

The demolition came hours after the High Court rejected arguments by the family against the action. Soldiers entering the Jenin refugee camp were greeted by a mob throwing stones and firebombs, and terrorist sharpshooters atop buildings fired at soldiers. Soldiers used antiriot measures to break up the mob, and fired back at the shooters, at least one of whom was killed.

Soldiers fired back at the PA policeman who opened fire on them, injuring him moderately. There were no injuries to IDF soldiers. The PA in a statement condemned the “violence of the occupation forces,” and denied that the policeman had participated in the riots or opened fire on the soldiers. Jenin’s mayor announced a full strike Thursday, with all stores and schools closed, in protest over the demolition.

A spokesperson for the IDF said that “we have seen an uptick in violence this week and more resistance to routine arrests we make in Area A [under full PA control]. There have been many clashes, but both sides are working to keep things under control and avoid violence.”

Jarar murdered Rabbi Shevach in January 2018 in a drive-by shooting near Chavat Gilad in central Samaria. Jarar, a resident of Jenin, ran away and was found several weeks later holed up in a dilapidated structure in the village of Yamoun in northern Shomron. He was eliminated by IDF soldiers. Before that, the IDF raided his family’s house as it searched for him, essentially demolishing it. However, the house was not demolished as part of a court order – and as a result, the family rebuilt, without interference from the IDF.

There were also riots Wednesday night in Ramallah, with Arabs throwing firebombs at IDF vehicles. Earlier Wednesday, a 17-year-old terrorist was killed in Chevron when he approached soldiers waving a firebomb. Army sources said that such incidents had increased in recent days, and were likely a response to the introduction of the “deal of the century” peace plan, Yediot Acharonot reported.

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