Report: Tech Exits Grew 800% in 2010s

View of the Mellanox Technologies offices in Yokneam. (Moshe Shai/FLASH90)

The decade of the 2010s was a very lucrative one for those in the tech startup business, the Israel Venture Capital (IVC) clearinghouse and Meitav investment house said Tuesday. A report on the state of Israeli high-tech said that tech exits grew 800% in the last decade, compared to the first decade of the 21st century. The total number of deals reach 1,210 – worth a total of $111.3 billion.

The year 2019 alone saw 138 deals, worth $21.7 billion. That figure included the acquisition of Mellanox by Nvidia, which accounted for $6.9 billion of the total. The total value of exits of up to $5 billion in 2019 was the highest ever, with $14.84 billion in 2019, compared to $12.63 billion in 2018, the IVC said. And the value of companies that were acquired were more than three times the amount in 2018, amounting to $10.33 billion, compared to $3.83 in 2018. Some 80% of the major acquisitions were by U.S. companies, the report said.

Shira Azran, a partner in Meitav, said that the figures “show that high-tech has become an important part of the Israeli economy, with a wide base and extensive ambitions.”