Poll Finds Jewish Home-Otzma Yehudit Getting 4 Knesset Seats


As right-wing parties wrestled with each other attempting to realign for the March election, a new poll gave hope that the Jewish Home-Otzma Yehudit alliance might escape a total wipeout.

The Channel 12 poll sees the party getting enough votes to pass the electoral threshold and have four seats in the Knesset.

Otherwise, not much seems to have changed. Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party was predicted to win 34 to Likud’s 32, Joint Arab List continued to have a lock on third place with 13, Shas 8, Yisrael Beytenu 8, United Torah Judaism 7, New Right 5, Labor-Gesher 5, Democratic Camp 4.

All of which seems to add up to another stalemate, with Netanyahu’s bloc polling 56, to Gantz’ center-left-Arab bloc with 56 (if the UAL supports him), and Liberman again holding the balance of power.

Respondents were also asked Netanyahu’s legal standing. The prime minister was reportedly planning to request Knesset immunity from prosecution in the next few days, but the public is less than enthusiastic about it, according to the findings.

Fifty-one percent of the general public oppose the move, while only 33 percent support it, indicating significant objection even within the right wing.

At the same time, when asked who is most suited to be prime minister, 40 percent answered Netanyahu versus 38 percent who pick Gantz.

Looking ahead to the post-Netanyahu era, whenever that may come, Channel 13 found that 45 percent of Netanyahu supporters would like to see former Yerushalayim mayor Nir Barkat succeed him. Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz came in a distant second 10 percent, Gideon Saar 5.5 percent, Culture Minister Miri Regev got just 3.2 percent. The remaining 29 percent chose other names or refused to answer.

Among all Likud voters, Barkat led with 34 percent, but Saar did much better, with 26 percent, Katz got has 8, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein 3.3.