Peretz to Gantz: Don’t Count on Liberman for Help

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Labor party leader Amir Peretz. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Blue and White leaders have been counting on Avigdor Liberman to help them form a government – and that was a big mistake, Labor head Amir Peretz said. In a speech to party members, Peretz called on Benny Gantz to “recover from the ‘Liberman fantasy’ and not count on him to save you after the elections.”

Liberman is a “broken reed,” and Blue and White leaders “have been following his lead, seeking his favor.” By doing so, they legitimized Liberman, “a man who incites against Israeli Arabs and tarnishes the reputation of chareidim. He is leading Israel to a frightening path that could result in civil war. We need a strong alternative against the agenda of hatred that Liberman espouses. We are the alternative to partnership with Blue and White.”

Liberman “was not and will not work with you,” Peretz said, addressing Gantz directly. “You should also pass over your friends from the IDF. Rabbi Rafi Peretz of Jewish Home is perhaps one of these friends, but he is not your partner. He chose a strategic partnership with the Kahanists and the racists who have no place in the Knesset and certainly not in a government.” Peretz was referring to the agreement that Jewish Home made with Otzma Yehudit for a joint run this week.

Labor was the only party to stand with Blue and White since the beginning of the election campaign nearly a year ago, Peretz said. “Remember who your true partner is. You need a strong Labor partner. Only with that will Benny Gantz be prime minister,” he added.