Yerushalayim Has Most Apartments of Any City, Study Says

An aerial view of the Chords Bridge at the entrance to Yerushalayim. (Gidi Avinary/Flash90)

As of July 2019, there were 2,679,000 homes and apartments in Israel, the Central Bureau of Statistics said in a report. With that, the actual figure was likely significantly higher, officials said; it included only homes and apartments that were being charged local property tax (arnona), and not “illegal” apartments such as those carved out of basements, security rooms, storage bins, etc.

The report discussed construction and housing throughout the country in the first half of 2019. During that period, an additional 46,000 homes came on-line. In the first half of 2018, that figure was 55,000, while in 2017 during the period, it was 42,000. Between 2012 and 2019, a total of 302,700 new homes and apartments were available in cities and towns, while in rural areas such as moshavim and kibbutzim, the figure was 231,277.

Yerushalayim has the most homes and apartments of any city in Israel, with 229,000. Tel Aviv has 209,000, Haifa 120,000, and Petach Tikvah 85,000. Buildings with 50 or more apartments are to be found in every city in Israel with 100,000 or more residents, with Ashdod the leader, where 4.9% of apartments are in such buildings. In Bat Yam, 3.9% of apartments are in buildings with 50 or more apartments, while in Netanya the figure was 2.9%, and in Tel Aviv 2.1%.