Tzfas to Get New Industrial Park

A view in Tzfas. (Team Venture)

The government will invest NIS 15 million in improvements to the Tzfas Industrial Park, in an effort to expand opportunities there for local businesses, and to attract new ones. In addition, significant financial assistance will be available to companies that locate there. Among the benefits announced will be subsidies of up to 90% of the cost of development of the land, and assistance from the Tzfas municipality to cover expenses such as security, trash pickup and other services.

The industrial park is set to be expanded by an additional 200 dunams, with an additional 24 dunams dedicated to retail businesses. New roads and upgraded lighting, as well as sidewalks and access paths, will be built to make the area more user-friendly. The objective is to attract at least one large industrial organization and several smaller ones, as well as to provide new shopping and entertainment opportunities for local residents and visitors.

Economy Minister Eli Cohen said that “the Tzfas Industrial Park will attract industrialists and act as an engine of growth for the region, providing thousands of jobs. This is an important development for residents of the north. I am positive that this project will be a major success.”