Sifrei Torah in Canvey Island Yeshivah Rescued; Can Be Repaired

The badly burned beis medrash.

The morning after the devastating fire in the Lucerne Yeshiva in Canvey Island near London, it was found that, baruch Hashem, the aron hakodesh was saved from major damage because large cement slabs fell in front of it and saved it from being burned and melting. While the sifrei Torah were badly burned, as well as water damaged, it is assumed that they can be repaired. All the sefarim in the beis medrash were burned.

The fire started from an unattended menorah in the yeshiva, while the bachurim were at a Chanukah mesibah at the home of their Rosh Yeshivah, Harav Moshe Koppelman, shlita.

The building.

The bachurim will remain in London’s Stamford Hill for the next few days, as the building is uninhabitable. About 50 pairs of tefillin were burned. Those tefillin that were in the boys’ bedrooms in the dormitory were saved.



Updated Monday, December 23, 2019 at 11:57 am .