Liam and Emma Again Most Popular NYC Baby Names

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Liam and Emma are still prince and princess of the Big Apple.

Seven-hundred seventy-nine of the 58,442 boys born in New York City in 2018 were named Liam, which has now been the most popular boys’ name for three consecutive years. Emma is the most popular girl’s name for the second straight year, given to 501 of the 55,854 girls born last year.

The city Health Department releases statistics for each year at the end of December the following year.

Noah was the second-most-popular boys’ name, followed by Ethan, Jacob, Aiden, David, Lucas, Matthew, Daniel and Alexander. Isabella was the second-most-popular girls’ name, followed by Sophia, Mia, Olivia, Ava, Leah, Sarah, Amelia and Chloe.

Eight of the top ten girls’ names, and nine of the top ten boys’ names, were also on the top-ten list in 2017.

The most popular names in the Bronx were Liam and Isabella. Noah and Emma reigned supreme in Manhattan, Liam and Mia in Queens, and Michael and Mia were the little princes and princesses of Staten Island.

Brooklyn’s top-ten list is replete with Jewish and Biblical names. David was the most-popular boys’ name in the borough, followed by Jacob, Moshe, Noah, Liam, Joseph, Ethan, Aiden, Samuel and Daniel. On the girls’ side, Esther led the way, followed by Leah, Sarah, Chaya, Olivia, Chana, Rachel, Sophia, Miriam and Mia.

The least-common names given in New York City last year were Aminah, Ida and Zadie for girls, and Bentley, Lucian and Warren for boys, each given fewer than 10 times.

The number of babies born in the city decreased by 2.3% from 2017, from 117,013 to 114,296.

Manhattan mothers gave birth to 42,945 babies, followed by Brooklyn with 28,270, Queens with 23,963, the Bronx with 13,452, and Staten Island with 5,666.


Updated Monday, December 23, 2019 at 4:29 pm .