Likud Court: Primaries Must Be Held for Knesset List, as Well as Leadership

A man casts his vote at the Tzfas Likud polling station on February 5, ahead of the April election. (David Cohen/Flash90)

The Likud’s internal court issued a ruling Thursday that the party hold a general primary for the list of candidates for the next elections.

The Likud is planning a leadership primary, to be held next Thursday, but central committee executives have sought to cancel the general primary, which was last held before April Knesset elections.

However, under Likud rules, a general primary must accompany a leadership primary, and the court noted that unless those rules are changed, the general primary needs to be held ahead of the  vote for the 23rd Knesset on March 2.

The Likud court is to convene on Monday to deal with an appeal on the decision.