Yerushalayim Residents to Get an Hour of Free Parking Daily

Aerial view of Yerushalayim from Ir David.

If you live in Yerushalayim, running errands just got a little easier: The municipality on Wednesday finalized its plans to allow residents to get one hour of free parking per day. The plan is set to go into effect on January 1st. Residents need to register with the municipality in order to take advantage of the benefit.

That hour can be used as a single bloc, or split up between different hours of the day. The free parking applies to “blue and white” parking spaces that require an hourly payment. Parking enforcement officials who check whether a driver who has parked their car is paying – either using a receipt from on-street machines or via an app – will check the address of the registered driver and if they are city residents, will not issue a summons if no payment was made for up to 60 minutes of parking.

“After a year of planning I am happy to inform Yerushalayim residents that beginning January 1st they will be eligible for an hour’s free parking. Over the past year Yerushalayim has undergone a revolution in many areas, and now parking is included. I will continue to do my best to increase the profile of Yerushalayim,” said Mayor Moshe Leon, announcing the benefit.