El Al to Allow Free Ticket Changes for Voters

An El Al airlines plane after landing at Ben Gurion Airport. (Reuers/Eric Gaillard)

Throughout the life of the 22nd Knesset, after the April elections, it was clear that forming a government was going to be a difficult task, and the “threat” of new elections was always in the background if efforts by Binyamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz failed. But few Israelis believed that a third round of elections would actually come to pass. As a result, they made plans for business and family events that did not take those elections into consideration. But those efforts failed and third elections are a reality – and the plans Israelis made included travel plans, with tens of thousands of people expected to be abroad on Election Day, March 2.

If those plans entailed flying on El Al, those travelers are in luck; the airline announced Monday that it would allow travelers whose tickets saw them abroad on that day to change their tickets if they so wished. The change, at no cost to the customer, will allow them to make alternative reservations that will allow them to be in Israel and vote.

The deal affects El Al customers leaving Israel between March 2 and March 15, and those set to arrive between February 27 and March 2. Travelers will be able to delay travel for up to a month without a penalty, assuming the price of tickets have not changed. The deal applies to tickets purchased before December 12. Customers have until December 25 to make the change.

For the first time, elections will be held on a Monday, and officials are concerned that many Israelis will take advantage of the day – which for most workers is a paid day off from work – to arrange a long weekend vacation for themselves, in Israel or abroad. Officials on Monday praised El Al for its efforts to help encourage Israelis to vote.

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