Report: Mossad Helped Quash Terror Attacks in Denmark

Waterfront view of  the Osterbro district in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Mossad assisted law enforcement in Denmark to arrest terrorists who were planning attacks in the country, Channel 12 reported. A total of 22 terrorists were arrested in Copenhagen, the country’s capital, as well as in smaller cities throughout the country.

The report said that the attacks were imminent, and that the terrorists were arrested in hideaways they had prepared to prevent their being discovered right before the attacks could take place.

In a statement, Denmark’s national police organization said it had arrested the terrorists on suspicion of organizing a “Jihadist terror plot.” The targets and nature of the attack were not revealed.

The report said that 13 of the suspects had been released, but that the investigation was still ongoing. Further arrests may take place, police said.

Israeli officials had no comment on the report, Channel 13 said. According to Channel 13, Israel has helped prevent over 50 terror attacks in Europe over the past year. It did not cite sources for the numbers.