Day of Appreciation for IDF Wounded and Disabled

Ministry of Defense headquarters. (Choveiv Shirah)

Sunday was the Day of Appreciation for Those Wounded in Israel’s Wars and in Terrorist Attacks, which is marked annually on the 16th of Kislev.

At the weekly cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: “I initiated this day several years ago because Israel always, and rightly so, remembers the fallen, but we must also remember those who were wounded in war and who carry their wounds, both physically and mentally, all their lives.”

Some 57,277 former soldiers have been recognized as disabled veterans by the Defense Ministry’s rehabilitation department. 591 are classified as in the highest level of disability, 100 percent.

In addition to physical wounds and disabilities, the army recognizes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Approximately 5,000 veterans have been listed as suffering from PTSD to date.

The disabled veterans are entitled to medical and psychological treatment, as well as assistance in finding employment after their military service.

The Defense Ministry staff has helped in the past year with the placement of 329 new disabled persons at about 190 places of employment. Over the past year the rehabilitation department has financially assisted 546 disabled veterans with their university and college degrees in subjects such as law, education and business administration.