SWAT Team in Jersey City Rescued Young Man in Car

NEW YORK – In a daring rescue, the SWAT team in Jersey City rescued a young man who was trapped in the line of fire during Tuesday afternoon’s violence.

“I work in Jersey City,” said the man, in his mid-twenties, “and I was sitting in my car on Martin Luther King Drive when I suddenly saw a Uhaul truck pull up right in front of my car. A few seconds later, I saw some people near the supermarket, and I realized they had just exited from the truck. Things were happening fast, so I did not grasp right away what was taking place, but I did notice that they were carrying weapons. While still on the sidewalk in front of the store, they shot several rounds towards the door of the store.

“I saw a fellow exit the grocery in a hurry. It seems that he was already on his way out when the perpetrators entered the store, so he was able to push passed them and he ran for his life. Baruch Hashem, he was able to escape.

“I heard many rounds of shots coming from all directions and I was scared that I would get hit in the crossfire. I laid down on the floor of my car, and dialed 911. The police did not answer until the fourth time that I called, and when they picked up I reported a shootout underway at 223 Martin Luther King Drive. The police told me they were aware of it and had officers at the scene even if I did not see them, as they were taking cover in order not to be hit.

“There were local police officers in the area, since they are trying to make the neighborhood safer. They initially thought the shooting was not a major incident, but before long they realized that the perpetrators had major fire power, and the local police waited for backup to arrive.

“At this point, I told them that I was trapped in the line of fire, and told them the make and model of my car, as well as the license plate number. I was told that they would send help as soon as they could. I was terrified that I might be hit by friendly fire, so I stayed low on the floor of my car.

“For the next twenty minutes, there was no letup in the shooting. The shots came from all directions in rapid succession. The firing then began to taper off, and I lifted my head a bit to see if the police were coming to help me. I saw an armored vehicle of the SWAT team driving to and fro, so I screamed in the direction of the truck, and it headed in my direction. It came to a stop a few feet from me and created a safe corridor for me to reach them, and they screamed instructions to run into the truck. It was a few feet away, but I made a dash for it, and I was able to dive into the back where I was safe at last. The team then drove me away to a safe place.”