Yerushalayim Mayor Moshe Lion Approves U.S. Embassy Project

View of a road sign pointing to the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Consulate in Yerushalayim. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Yerushalayim Mayor Moshe Lion announced that the city municipality gave the green light to the project of building a permanent headquarters for the U.S. Embassy in the capital.

Two locations are presently being considered as sites for the future embassy. A final decision is expected in the coming months.

Lion and Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan Nahoum discussed details of the U.S. initiative with U.S. State representatives Addison Ted Davis and Thomas J. Quanzo on Monday.

“The American Embassy today received the green light from the Jerusalem Municipality,” Lion said. “Within six months we will move to the advanced stages of the project and with the help of G-d in a few years we will be able to inaugurate the permanent American Embassy in the capital of Israel.”

The U.S. Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim in May 2018, and is currently housed in the former U.S. Consulate building in Yerushalayim’s Arnona neighborhood.