Netanyahu, Gantz Go at it Again

YERUSHALAYIM – The specter of a third general election in less than a year seemed to evoke only more of the same from Israel’s politicians on Tuesday night—more mutual blaming and no sign of a way out.

Blue and White chief Benny Gantz made a last-chance video, in which he again cast himself in the right and Netanyahu in the wrong:

“Citizens of Israel, there are little more than 24 hours left to prevent costly and unnecessary elections.”

“I want you to know that I and my friends in Blue and White are making every effort to find a way to form a government without giving up on the basic principles on which we entered politics,” he said.

Addressing Netanyahu, he said: “As you promised before the previous election, do not hide behind parliamentary immunity, and go to defend your innocence in court. It is important for me to say — you have the full right to protect yourself but you must not make the Knesset a safe haven for criminals.

“Do this so that we can find a solution and form a government. Over half of Israel voted for Blue and White and for Likud, and we have the opportunity and responsibility to form a good unity government in Israel,” Gantz said.

Netanyahu was contemptuous in response: “Benny Gantz, I urge you to stop spreading spin.”

“After 80 days, it is time that for one day, for the benefit of the citizens of the State of Israel, we sit down and seriously discuss the establishment of a broad unity government. It’s not too late yet,” he said in a tweet.