Israeli Student Attacked for Speaking Hebrew in Paris

The Porte d’Orléans station in the Paris metro. (Greenski)

YERUSHALAYIM – An Israeli student who was savagely assaulted after being overheard speaking Hebrew in the Paris subway was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

The Israeli consul in Paris, Michel Harel, was in touch with the victim to assist him as much as possible, the Foreign Ministry said.

The Israeli, a 31-year-old studying for a master’s degree at HEC Paris business school, said he was speaking with his father on the phone when two unidentified males attacked him, he told Ynet.

“They hit me a few times. My glasses broke and I lost consciousness,” he was quoted saying. “Luckily people helped me.” A passerby called an ambulance that took him to a hospital, while the assailants fled the scene.

The student, who was hospitalized for his injuries, requiring several stitches, said “it is clear to me they attacked me only because they heard I’m Israeli.”

He contacted French MP Meir Habib, after police rebuffed an attempt to file a complaint, telling him to come back later.

Habib said he asked the interior minister to immediately order a police investigation into the incident. “This attack is another symptom of the new ‘daily’ anti-Semitism,” Habib said, according to Channel 12 news.