Likud Committee Cancels Primaries


The Likud Central Committee voted on Sunday to cancel primaries for the party’s electoral list, thereby ensuring that those who were elected to the Knesset in September will retain their status as members of Knesset, until the next general election.

The decision to cancel the primaries will only take effect if Israel goes to third elections on Wednesday, the deadline for forming a government.

Regarding a leadership primary to decide who will be chairman of the Likud, no vote will be taken unless elections are formally announced.

Meanwhile, MK Gideon Saar, the only Likud member openly challenging Netanyahu for the leadership, was booed at a Central Committee gathering. Hecklers interrupted his speech with cries of “Bibi, Bibi,” using the prime minister’s nickname.

Saar supporters responded with chants of “Gideon, Gideon,” according to The Times of Israel.