IDF Bracing for Violent Protests on Gaza Border

Palestinian protesters take part in clashes with Israeli security forces near the border between Israel and eastern Gaza city. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90/File)

After several weeks of quiet on the Gaza border, the IDF said it was bracing for a resumption of protests that are likely to be violent on Friday.

The military has deployed Iron Dome batteries in case the violence escalates into rocket fire, according to Channel 13 news.

“We are ready, since we know that Hamas is behind this,” an army spokesperson said, according to Ynet. “We will respond with restraint if they don’t come near the border. If there is violence we will use whatever force is necessary.”

Israeli officials sent a message to Hamas via Egyptian intermediaries and the U.N. that Hamas must see to it that the protests do not get out of hand.