Police Beat Up Airport Security Officer at Ben Gurion


Police detectives beat up an airport undercover security officer at Ben Gurion Airport on Sunday after he asked them to identify themselves, according to a report on Ynet.

The undercover officer, 24, was taken to hospital where he required stitches for facial injuries and sent home.

The Airports Authority has filed a complaint with the Israel police concerning the incident.

The incident took place in Terminal 3, where the undercover officer asked one of the detectives to show identification. At first he refused, but then complied.

Shortly thereafter, however, he returned with three other detectives. They took the security officer to a side room where they proceeded to handcuff and beat him, even though he explained that he was only performing his duty. The policeman had apparently aroused his suspicion.

Another airport security officer told Ynet that the staff was “in shock” over what happened. “Policemen cannot behave like criminals,” he said.

In response, a police spokesperson called it “a painful incident which should have concluded differently. The matter will be investigated,” she said.

Meanwhile, Airport Authority employees have scheduled a protest gathering on Tuesday.

The workers’ committee declared, “The blood of authority employees is not free. We demand a thorough and quick investigation as well as a deterrent punishment for the violent police officers.”