BD”E: Rabbi David Levi, Z”l, of Ashdod, Killed in Morocco Crash

Rabbi David Levi.

Rabbi David Levi, z”l, 47, of Ashdod, who was in Casablanca, Morocco, as part of a group with Harav Yeshayahu Pinto, was hit by a bus and killed Friday afternoon.

Rav Levi was an avreich at the Shuva Yisrael Yeshivah, led by Harav Pinto.

Late Friday afternoon, the group exited their hotel in Casablanca to board the two buses waiting outside for them, according to a report.

At one point, one of the bus drivers accelerated and hit two Israelis crossing the road. Rav Levi was killed on the scene and the other was seriously injured and was evacuated to a local hospital.

The two bus drivers were questioned by police. The offending driver said he accidentally pressed the gas pedal, denying it was an attack.

Local police have not denied the possibility of a deliberate nationalist attack.

Yehi zichro baruch.

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