IDF Demolishes Home of Murderer of Dvir Sorek, Hy”d

Israeli machinery demolishes the house of Palestinian terrorist Asafra, in Beit Khil, early Thursday. (Reuters/Mussa Qawasma)

After a delay of over a month, IDF soldiers and Border Guard troops overnight Wednesday demolished the home of the family of the murderer of Dvir Sorek, Hy”d, in August of this year. The home is located in the village of Beit Khil, near Chevron. Arabs rioted during the demolition process. No Israeli forces were injured in the riots.

Dvir Sorek, Hy”d, a 19-year-old Hesder yeshivah student, was murdered in the terror stabbing attack. He was a talmid at the Machanayim Hesder yeshivah in Migdal Oz, in his first year of yeshivah, and was set to be inducted in the IDF the next year. Friends told reporters that he had gone to Yerushalayim to buy presents for staff as an end-of-year gift. His murder, during the height of the election campaign, raised the ire of politicians across the political spectrum, with many demanding that the death penalty be imposed on the terrorists.

Dvir Yehudah Sorek, Hy”d.

The demolitions had been planned for last month, but the High Court issued an injunction halting the process after the families of the terrorists claimed that they would be damaged financially to a greater extent than permitted. The court last week decided against the claim and lifted the injunction. Commenting on the demolition, Yoav Sorek, father of the murdered student, said that “it’s a shame that this was not done right away in a way that would have increased the deterrence factor and perhaps prevent the next terror attack. The hesitation to harm human rights and the ongoing delays given by the court ignores the fact that houses are not living things. They can be rebuilt. Deterrence is a matter of timing.”

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said that “unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be no more terror, but we are obligated to extract a price from all those who harm Israelis. Jewish blood is not cheap.”

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