Rabbi Deri Passes Decision on Ron Kobi’s Case to Another Minister

Shas party chairman and Interior Minister Rabbi Aryeh Deri. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Following the continued legal process in the High Court and in order to prevent unnecessary delays affecting the functioning of the Teveria council and services to the residents, Interior Minister Rabbi Aryeh Deri decided Sunday to refrain from making a decision regarding Ron Kobi’s term as mayor of Teveria and to pass the decision to another minister.

The hearing will take place before the Interior Ministry’s CEO, Mordechai Cohen, and the Ministry of Interior’s professional staff.

The state’s position, in its statement to the High Court on Sunday, says that there is no conflict of interest to prevent Minister Rabbi Deri from making a decision on Ron Kobi’s case.

Kobi has not yet managed to pass the budget for Teveria, even though he has been mayor for a full year.

As the State wrote in its reply to the High Court: “The State’s position as stated at length in response was, and still is, that the Interior Minister [Rabbi Deri] is not prevented from making a decision regarding the petitioner’s continuance, and that there is no concern about the conflict of interest which may prevent the Minister from making such a decision.”

The state also noted regarding the delay in making the decision: “A delay for which the required decision should be avoided and requested according to the provisions of the ordinance, while impairing the ability to implement the provisions of the law and ensure the functioning of the Teveria City Council institutions and the public interest in providing services for the welfare of its residents.”

Interior Minister Rabbi Deri said in a statement: “I have decided to forward the decision to another minister only to expedite the procedure and prevent the further damage to the city of Teveria and its residents.”

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