24-Year-Old Bachur Killed in Accident on Route 20

The car that was stuck at the side of the road. (Yechezkel Itkin)

On Friday morning, a 24-year-old bachur, z”l, was killed in a fatal car accident on Route 20, in the north.

Berela Jakovowicz, a ZAKA volunteer who was at the scene of the tragic accident said: ‘This was an exceptional and difficult case. A 24-year-old man got stuck with his vehicle in a ditch on the side of the road and left his car, on the busy road as a vehicle to seek assistance from passersby. A vehicle that passed by hit him violently. When I arrived at the scene, I saw a vehicle stuck in a ditch on the side of the road, near the main road, the young man was lying unconscious, suffering severe injuries to his body.

“The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the police. “