Netanyahu Denounces Leaks from State Prosecutors

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lashed out Israel’s Channel 13 on Thursday night after it broadcast a leak saying that state prosecutors will seek indictment on corruption charges despite his lawyers’ presentation at recent hearings.

State prosecutors were reportedly drafting a recommendation that Netanyahu stand trial for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

“Another leak tonight on Channel 13, which severely compromises public confidence in the system. Only in a field trial are the conclusions published before discussing the facts and the claims. When exactly did they manage to read and analyze the 1000 pages that the prime minister’s attorneys filed just now? ” Netanyahu commented.

The news, if true, would run counter to the prime minister‏‏’s lawyers recent expressions of confidence that all the charges against their client will be dropped after the pre-indictment hearings were over.

Netanyahu also said that he wants to hold a public hearing, so that the public could judge the facts for themselves and will realize there is nothing to the allegations against him.