Shabbos Hate In BP: Eggs Thrown On Jews On 19 Avenue


A string of acts of harassment against Jewish residents on the edge of Boro Park that were seemingly motived by hate has elicited a heavy police response.

Shomrim say that the incident occurred Friday night after 10pm, when the occupants of a car hurled eggs at passerby near 51st St and 19th Ave, including at someone sitting outside the nearby senior living center.

An eyewitness told that the vehicle occupied by four young men also deliberately pulled to a short stop near bucherim who were walking at that intersection, nearly hitting them.

The NYPD soon arrived on the scene in a show of force, sending a large number of cars and detectives, with the 66th Precinct Sergeant himself making an appearance. The officers checked a nearby police camera and canvassed the area throughout the night.

Upon seeing the police presence, neighbors began reporting that the same vehicle had been harassing Jewish residents in the area and throwing eggs earlier that night and over the last few days, though no police reports had been made at the time. A Jewish pedestrian arriving from Kensington also reported that he’d been egged shortly afterwards near East 2nd St.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force continues its investigation, though residents were told that it might be difficult to prove a motive beyond the relatively light crime of throwing eggs at random passerby.