Climate Change Activist Climbs on Plane, Others Stop Traffic

climate protests
An Extinction Rebellion demonstrator ties a banner to a raised area at City Airport in London, Thursday. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)


Protestors have brought traffic to a standstill in New York City’s Times Square and an activist in London climbed atop a plane as climate change demonstrators enter a fourth day of rallies.

A video streamed by the group Extinction Rebellion showed the activist clinging Thursday to the fuselage of a British Airways plane at London City Airport. The group identified the London activist as a former Paralympic cyclist.

Activists sought to shut down the airport London City Airport as part of their wave of protests worldwide.

Protesters in New York brought a green boat on a trailer into the busy traffic hub Thursday then sat down and refused police orders to move. The boat bore the logo of Extinction Rebellion.

Environmental protests have been taking place in cities around the world.

climate protests
A demonstrator wearing an Extinction Rebellion tie is removed by police officers as demonstrators block an entrance at City Airport in London, Thursday. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)