Tehillim Gatherings in England

Dayan Chaim Heimlich leading the Tehillim. (Lawrence Purcell)

Over 1000 boys, Rabbanim and mechanchim gathered together in Crumpsall Shul, in Manchester England on Thursday afternoon to recite Tehillim, as has become traditional during the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah.

Rabbi Shlomo Angel gave divrei hisorerus to the gathering and the Tehillim were led by Dayan Chaim Heimlich, Rosh Hadayanim of Machzikei Hadass Manchester.

In Northwest London, hundreds of boys packed into Hendon United Synagogue on Thursday afternoon for the annual Hatzola Tehillim event.

Rabbi Binyomin Denderowitz gave divrei chizuk to the boys and the Tehillim were lead by Rabbi Shloime Yitzchok Bixenspanner.

Rabbi Shlomo Angel giving divrei hisorerus. (Lawrence Purcell)
Part of the crowd attending. (Lawrence Purcell)
Tehillim being recited in Northwest London. (Avi Yodaiken)
(Avi Yodaiken)