Kahlon Says Third Election Would Be Economic Disaster

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon at a press conference on Monday. (Flash90)

If coalition talks fail and Israel goes to a third election, it would be disastrous for the economy, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon warned on Monday.

Kahlon said further that the economy has not worked properly since Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ dispersed the Knesset last December, and that it was imperative to act as soon as possible “to prevent the economy from deteriorating because of the political situation,” The Times of Israel reported.

Addressing media reports that he might be quitting politics, Kahlon said at a press conference in Yerushalayim on Monday that he hopes to continue at the finance ministry in the next government. (Formerly head of the Kulanu party, he is currently an MK with Likud.)

However, he would not be drawn as to whether he would leave politics if he cannot return as finance minister.

“We have reduced taxes by tens of billions of shekels in my four years here, and the economy has grown nicely,” Kahlon said.

“I hope that a government will be formed as soon as possible so that the economic system and other systems can fully function,” he said, adding that the 2020 budget will not be ready on time because of the political situation and that an interim budget will be necessary.

Commenting on the divisive election campaign, he called it a “civil war,” and said that Israelis have to “calm down.” The elections are over, “No one knows who won, but Israeli society lost.”