Terrorists Ordered to Pay Damages to Victims in Rock Terror Attack

An Israeli military checkpoint. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90)

Three Israeli women who were injured in a rock throwing attack two and a half years ago received payments from the terrorists who attacked them, in a precedent-setting case in which terrorists were ordered by the court to pay out of pocket for their crime.

The attack took place during a riot in an Arab village near Shechem. The women happened to drive by the riot as Israeli security officials attempted to prevent it from spreading. The vehicle got caught up in the riot, and was attacked by the stone-throwing mob.

Three rioters were identified as the rock throwers, and police charged them with damaging the vehicle and injuring the women. Indictments were handed down against the rioters, and they were found guilty of injuring the women. Based on the decision, the women sued for damages, and were awarded several thousand shekels – which the rioters paid.

The women were represented by attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu organization, who said that “actions like these against terrorists are very important. Involvement of the victims of these incidents in the cases cause courts to rule more harshly against terrorists, and that includes rock attacks. In addition, the fact that the terrorists were required to pay out of their pockets makes the case more significant. More decisions like this will increase the deterrence of security forces,” he said.