Report: Data Breach in Nahariya Municipality’s Own Fault

The Western Galil Medical Center in Nahariya
Nahariya. (Oren Peles)

The Privacy Authority of the Justice Ministry has completed its investigation of a recent security breach of a large database belonging to the Nahariya municipality – and the investigation has found that the city failed to secure its data, resulting in the release of tens of thousands of records of private data of residents.

Among the data was information regarding medical records, birth certificates, identity cards and other information. The investigation determined that at the time of the data breach, the city did not have any clear criteria on who would have access to the database. Policies that would have prevented the breach were not in place, and the municipality is responsible for the breach, the investigation found.

The Authority has issued new guidelines to the municipality to ensure that it protects data in the future, it said in a statement. As far as anyone knows, the breached data has not yet been used by anyone outside the municipality.