Money Allocated to Develop New Recycling Technology

An Israeli man works at a bottle recycling factory. (Pierre Terdjman/Flash90)

The Israel Innovation Authority has approved the establishment of a new organization that will advance the development of technologies to recycle plastic. The government will invest NIS 30 million in the Circle technology group.

The money will be used to develop materials that will enable plastic to break down faster. Currently, it can takeas long as 1,000 years for plastic to decompose in landfills, and the ever-increasing amount of plastic in  landfills is motivating many jurisdictions to seek to limit the use of plastics. If Israel can develop materials that will decompose more quickly, it could provide the country with a major advantage in the international market.

Economy Minister Eli Cohen said that “the world is advancing towards a more responsible economy through the use of recycled or innovative materials that will help preserve the environment. I am sure that with this program innovative ideas that will help alleviate the growth of plastic pollution will be discovered.”