BPJCC Launches Pathways to Parnassah – New Free Course


After researching precisely what the Boro Park community needs in a job initiative program, the Boro Park Jewish Community Council is ready to launch a distinctive new job initiative program.

“We first needed to develop a true understanding of our community,” says Rabbi Avi Greenstein, BPJCC CEO. “Before we could develop a program like the Pathways to Parnassah program, it involved acquiring a deep understanding of what community members need to enter the workforce.”

The Pathways to Parnassah Program will provide focused courses on soft skills specifically matched to the Boro Park community’s workforce needs. The unique course is aimed at those who are getting started in workforce.

The four-month course is free to eligible applicants. Besides providing basic skills in a variety of work-related subjects, the program will transition new employees into the workforce after guiding them into jobs that fit the specifications of each applicant. As a bonus, the BPJCC will continue to guide participants once they get a job. Career Counselors will provide follow up and ongoing support to attendees.

The BPJCC has been rolling out a variety of different courses since May. The goal of the new Hachanah L’Parnassah program is to help those in the Boro Park community to gain the job skills needed.

Courses offered thus far to both men and women in the BPJCC’s Workforce Initiative have included Quickbooks, computer classes, and graphics. Upcoming classes will include an introduction to architecture and other creative and welcome courses designed exclusively for Boro Park.

The Pathways to Parnassah course is unique in that it is a four-month course that will give people the basic skills required to achieve success in getting a job.

“The Hachanah L’Parnassah program is an amazing addition to the BPJCC Workforce Initiative,” says Rabbi Greenstein. “Our Workforce Initiative has expanded by leaps and bounds, allowing hundred of Boro Parkers to acquire new job qualifications. Most of all, the BPJCC is thrilled that it will help so many Boro Parkers to acquire life-changing jobs.”

All courses are designed to launch careers through the utilization of the newly acquired skills that have helped so many. Courses are offered at no cost, inspiring hundreds to take the necessary steps forward towards acquiring revolutionary new jobs.