Rabbi Porush: No Reason Right, Religious Bloc Can’t Make 61 Seats

Deputy Education Minister Rabbi Meir Porush (UTJ). (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

With just a week and a half to go before they go to the polls, there has been a noticeable lack of enthusiasm among Israelis for the second round of voting they will be facing this year – and according to a poll by Kan News, as many as a third of eligible voters will not bother going to the polls a week from Tuesday.

That gives the religious and rightwing parties an opportunity to actually win the elections, Deputy Education Minister and United Torah Judaism Rabbi Meir Porush said at an election rally. If the right and religious come out and vote in force, they will be able to achieve the 61 seats needed in order for Binyamin Netanyahu to form a government. But in order for that to happen, as many voters as possible have to come out to the polls. “Our objective needs to be a 100% turnout,” said Rabbi Porush.

That 61 seats is possible is evident from the math in the April elections, Rabbi Porush told activists. “There were a lot of wasted votes, two from the Zehut party and nearly four from the New Right Party. The right should have had 66 seats. The right in this election should be able to reach 61 seats, if the rightwing and chareidi parties go all out.

“Those who are hesitant to vote must realize that this time, failing to vote for their party is a vote for the side that wants to harm us” said Rabbi Porush. “Every vote truly counts, and the responsibility to bring those votes to the polls rests on our shoulders,” he added.