No Casualties in Hezbollah Attack on Israel

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View of a fire caused from a rocket fired from Lebanon near Moshav Avivim, Sunday. (David Cohen/Flash90)

Bechasdei Shamayim, there were no casualties in the Hezbollah attack on the Avivim area of the Upper Galil, the IDF Spokesperson said in a statement early Sunday evening, adding that the flareup of hostilies appeared to be over for the time being.

“There are no Israeli injuries, not even a scratch,” said a smiling Netanyahu in a comment during the opening of a Honduran diplomatic office in Yerushalayim.

“Hezbollah executed the attack … however (it) failed to cause casualties,” a military spokesman said. “The tactical event on the ground … appears to be behind us, however the strategic situation is still on, and the IDF maintains an elevated level of readiness.”

An IDF tank was hit by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile, but no crew members were hurt. Hezbollah had previously claimed casualties on the Israeli side.

Residents heard loud explosions during the incident and photographs circulated on social media from Avivim showed plumes of smoke rising outside the community.

Lebanese media outlets Al-Manar and Al-Mayadeen report that the IDF has halted its retaliatory shelling on Lebanese territory. The IDF targeted a building where members of the cell that launched the anti-tank missiles at Israel were located, according to Sky News.

The IDF said it fired 100 mortar shells at targets across the border.

A tense quiet has ensued, according to reports, as diplomatic efforts go forward to prevent further escalation.

Meanwhile, Mayor Avichai Stern of Kiryat Shmona ordered the shelters in the city to be opened as a precaution. No special instructions from the Home Front Command were issued.

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