Neveh Yaakov Tapped for First Urban Renewal Project in Chareidi Neighborhood

A partial view of Neveh Yaakov. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The first urban renewal project in a chareidi neighborhood will take place in Neveh Yaakov in Yerushalayim, with the evacuation of an old housing area, to be replaced by new apartments, light industry and commercial space. The plan was approved by the Yerushalayim municipality in 2017, and now has been approved by the regional planning committee.

The project is located on Rechov Hayut in the neighborhood, and consists of 11.5 dunams of land. Currently, the building on the site is four stories tall and has 32 apartments. The current structure there will be demolished, to be replaced by four towers of 12 stories each. The towers will include 205 apartments, and 7,000 square meters of business and commercial space. Also included will be two kindergartens and three day-care centers.

The city said in a statement that “this is the foothold of urban renewal evacuation and rebuilding projects in the chareidi community. The plan provides creative solutions for housing, such as building taller buildings and expanding the base of buildings without having to build them too high.”