Netanyahu: Germany to Increase Monthly Payments to Holocaust Survivors

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the German government has informed him that they have agreed to increase its payments to thousands of Holocaust survivors by “hundreds of euros per month.”

“We have been holding contacts with the German government on giving supplemental assistance to Holocaust survivors; this is in addition to the assistance supplements that we are giving,” Netanyahu said.

“This is important,” the prime minister said. “These people deserve it, and I thank the German government.”

Last month 8,000 Romanian Jewish Holocaust survivors were officially recognized by the German government, in a move that will see Berlin pay them monthly reparations.

The German government will also make retroactive payments, to cover the last 20 years, in addition to the pension they will receive from this from here on in.

The agreement was reached following intense negotiations over 10 months between Yerushalayim and Berlin. The Israeli claim, which has now been recognized as justified by the German government was based on extensive research led and carried out by the Social Equality Ministry.