Likud-Sponsored Billboards Proclaim: Nissenkorn Next Finance Minister

Avi Nissenkorn. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

According to the Likud, Blue and White has been “hiding” some of the more controversial members of its list, as it attempts to paint itself as a centrist party – in the hope of grabbing some votes that might have gone to the Likud. But the reality, according to the Likud, is far different; Blue and White is a leftist party with a definite socialist bent, in the manner of the old Labor Party – and a new campaign by the party that currently runs the government intends to drive that point home.

The campaign features some of the members of Blue and White that the Likud claims the party is keeping in the shadows – starting with former Histadrut chairperson Avi Nissenkorn. On Monday, huge billboards in Tel Aviv featured an image of Nissenkorn, with a simple message: “I am the next Finance Minister of Israel.” Below that comment is the logo of Blue and White – but hidden at the very top of the billboard is a notice that it is sponsored by the Likud.

Nissenkorn, according to the Likud, was responsible for numerous strikes and labor actions that cost the Israeli economy billions, and is counting on the fact that Israelis will not want to put a former union boss in charge of their money. The party said it would be displaying other similar posters and billboards, in order to ensure that Israelis are aware of what they are in for if Blue and White emerges as the biggest party in the Knesset after next month’s elections.

“Yair Lapid, Benny Gantz, you have been trying to hide Avi Nissenkorm from the Israeli public, but as we all know he is your candidate for Finance Minister,” the Likud said in a statement. “So we put his name on a billboard. In the next election, Israelis will decide if they want the strong leadership of Binyamin Netanyahu with his promotion of free trade and a growing economy, or the weak rotation of Lapid and Gantz, with a ‘Histadrut economy’ complete with constant strikes.”

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