Police Gave Out 129,000 Tickets Over Rear Seatbelt Infractions


Police in 2018 gave out over 129,000 tickets to Israelis who were in passenger seats of moving vehicles and were not wearing seatbelts. The figure comes from a report released by traffic police on the activities of the force over the past year. The figure is a 14% increase over the 112,000 tickets issued in 2017.

Tickets are issued to drivers whose passengers were not wearing seatbelts – and if there is more than one passenger in the vehicle who is not buckled up, tickets are issued for them as well. Yerushalayim residents were the biggest recipients of tickets, with 4,695 issued, but by percentage, the biggest offenders were in Umm el-Faham, where police estimated that 53% of drivers and passengers did not wear seat belts.

According to the Or Yarok traffic safety organization, 24 people who were not wearing seat belts were killed in traffic accidents, while 244 were injured. Erez Kita, who heads the organization, said that “seat belts are a proven feature that prevents drivers and passengers from getting killed in road accidents.

Despite that, there are many people who don’t wear seat belts in vehicles, and they are endangering themselves and others. There is not enough enforcement of the law, and thus the dangers to passengers increases. Increasing the number of police on the roads and ensuring they are visible will increase deterrence and encourage drivers to ensure that they themselves and their passengers are wearing seat belts.”