Average Israeli Salary Up 2.3% in Past 12 Months

(Nati Shohat/Flash90)

Figures released this week by the Central Bureau of Statistics show that the average salary before taxes for Israeli wage earners in May was NIS 10,477 a month, a 2.3% increase over the salary level in May 2018. With that, the average salary fell NIS 252 from the levels in April of this year, and NIS 628 from that in March, when the average salary was NIS 11,105.

With that, CBS officials stressed that the monthly averages were less important than the annual averages, as employment levels could be influenced by numerous seasonal issues, such as holidays, weather, etc.

The biggest earners on average were in the communication and information technology fields – a category that includes many high-tech jobs – where the average salary was NIS 20,736. That was followed closely by incomes in financial services, where the average worker earned NIS 20,484. Food and hospitality workers earned on average NIS 5,124 a month – making them the poorest paid in the Israeli economy.

Splitting those categories, hospitality workers, who make up 16.2% of the category earned significantly more – an average of NIS 7,926 a month – which means that food service workers, who make up 83.8% of the category, earned an average of NIS 4,582 in May.

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