‘Arafat Street’: Activists Switch Tel Aviv Street Signs in Novel Protest

A view of a Tel Aviv street. (Adam Shouldman/Flash90)

Protesters overnight Tuesday used a novel method to express their frustration with the failure of the government to prevent Hamas terrorism: They switched  the names of street signs with terms relating to the dangers of Gaza terrorism.

The switch, which took place in central Tel Aviv, saw street names like Jabotinsky and Ahad Ha’am switched to Red Alert (Tzeva Adom) Street, Hamas Street and Balloon Terror (Balonei Tave’ra) Street. Other street names included Sbarro, Dolphinarium, Yasser Arafat, and other phrases, concepts and names associated with Arab terror.

The switch was made by activists of the Israel Victory Project, which seeks to “steer U.S. and Israeli policy toward backing an Israeli victory over the Palestinians to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.” Members of the group include families who have had members killed in terror attacks, IDF veterans and ordinary Israelis.

According to the group, the street signs “show the reality Israelis live under today in the wake of the failure of the government to deal with terror. Israelis are disappointed with the light hand the government is using in dealing with Hamas. We want to reach a solution. We call on elected officials, the IDF and Israeli society to move from a policy of appeasement to one of victory.”

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